awesome instructors who care

Fitness is serious business!!

Here's Heather, Kim and Jen at the Idea World Convention 2018. 

HG Instructors

Heather Fahrenkrog

Heather (of Heather's Gym in Libertyville!) loves to blend all types of fitness disciplines in her classes. She also believes a great playlist and plenty of laughs will keep you coming back for more! Check out her Strength & Power, Kettlebell Interval Training, and Barre & Strength. Heather can also be found on the bike at HG Cycle!

Kim Yessian

Kim is an endurance athlete (triathlons and marathons!) and her favorite saying is "Burn like a pile of wood, not a pile of hay!" Kim rocks the house with Tabata Training, Strength & Power, TRX Circuit, and she delivers big power on the bike ... she also loves flipping pancakes when at home with her family! 

Kristen Sheridan

Kristen is a former dancer who brings her infectious enthusiasm to her high-energy classes such as Cardio Barre, Piloxing Barre, and her NEW class barreBELL.

Marsha Kolb

Marsha loves the "GROUP" of group exercise ... she believes that surrounding yourself with positive people to connect with is an important part of a healthy life! Check out Marsha's cycle classes where she pushes the WATTS and Barre + Strength to feel lengthened and strong!

Jen Neumann

Jen's calm, confident coaching style makes PiYo, Body Shred, Intensity, Strength & Power and her cycling classes are workouts you don't want to miss. Jen is a also a marathon coach, personal trainer, and the mother of five! 

Rachel Miller

Rachel is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and certified Pilates instructor - she is The Pilates PT. Rachel loves promoting balance and wellness.  Don't miss her classes: Pilates Mix, Barre-lates, and Mat Pilates. 

Kristin Sorensen

Kristin was a collegiate basketball player and she loves an athletic-style workout! Kristin will push you to be your best in Circuit Training, Peak Performance, and Kettlebell Interval Training.  ​

Stephanie Bersh

Stephanie brings her warmth and her gentle touch to YogaFLOW and Slow Flow & Restore. Her classes will leave you feeling centered, restored and connected.

Bailey Hall

Bailey is lovingly referred to as the "Barre Ninja" by members because of her subtle yet very effective method to make every muscle burn and shake! Check out barreBURN and barreINTENSITY.

Lindsey Lee

Lindsey has a smile for all, show-stopping energy, and a wicked body roll ... come get your goove on with her in U-Jam, RhythmRIDE, and you'll love her new class Willpower & Grace.

Sarah Roe

Sarah is a long-time HG member, turned instructor! She is AFAA-certified and brings her love of fitness to every class! Join her at HG Cycle for Cycle+Strength and Cycle45!