Instructor Spotlight

Katie Tilton

A little about me: 

I grew up in Libertyville, and now live in Grayslake with my husband, Dan, kiddos (Declan 9, Cecilia 7, and Sean 6), three dogs, two cats, fish and…a partridge in a pear tree (no just kidding about that). 

I’ve always been drawn to fitness and athletics. Growing up, I participated in soccer, softball, swim team, and was also a runner and tap dancer. In high school, I discovered and fell in love with field hockey. I played through college and still coach today. 

My journey into teaching group fitness: 

I love the sense of community that group fitness brings. I love being part of a team- and that’s exactly what leading group fitness is. A friend and mentor encouraged me to pursue my Group Fitness Certification, insisting that as an athlete, teacher and coach, it made sense. I’m so grateful I followed that advice. I consider it a blessing to be able to serve people by honoring our bodies with movement. 

As you get to know me, you’ll learn that I love HIIT classes, and lifting heavy weights but I am a stickler on form which is why I love teaching the Form & Technique classes. It such an amazing opportunity to not only connect but help ensure people are doing moves correctly so they get the most out of every workout. 

The song or quote that motivates me when I need a lift or that makes me want to ‘crush it’: 

Remember the Name by Fort Minor. Anything by Lizzo. I love messages of strength and accomplishment! 

Real change is difficult at the beginning but gorgeous at the end. Change begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

My pre- or post-workout go-to food is:

I generally fast if I work out in the morning. That said, if I’m hungry, I fuel my body. Egg whites, oatmeal with a bit of nut butter, in the am, or sweet potato, spinach and black beans in the pm.

My splurge/ guilty pleasure is:

Wine and bacon. (not necessarily together 😊)

How I recover:

I love a good foam roll followed by a hot bath! 

Most nights, I sleep 5-6 hours.

My favorite movie is:

Dirty dancing. “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”

A fun, random fact about me is:

I never learned how to drive stick.

I lived in Italy and Ireland. 


Heather Fahrenkrog


Heather is a lawyer-turned-fitness studio owner.  She is a Platinum member of the Todd Durkin Mastermind Group and she is on the Board of Directors for MainStreet Libertyville. 

Heather found her true purpose: motivating her community to find balanced fitness and feel great! She is ACE Certified, Yoga Alliance certified, among numerous other certifications, and a former endurance athlete.  

FUSION is her sweet spot! Check out the way she blends disciplines in every class.

Jen Neumann


Jen was an endurance athlete and she is ACE Certified, Yoga Alliance certified, among numerous other certifications. Jen's calm, confident coaching style make PiYo Power, YogaSHRED, Strength & Power, and her cycling classes workouts you don't want to miss! 

Lindsey Lee


Lindsey is ACE Certified, Yoga Alliance certified, World of Dance U-Jam Coach, among numerous other certifications. She has show-stopping energy and a wicked body roll ... come get your goove on with her in U-Jam, POWERride, Cycle & Strength, and HOT POWERflow. 

Kristin Sorensen


Kristin is ACE Certified and she was a collegiate basketball player. She loves an athletic-style workout! Kristin will inspire you to push out of your comfort zone every time in Circuit Training, Peak Performance, and Kettlebell Strength.

Sarah Roe


Sarah is AFAA and Schwinn Cycle Certified and she brings her BIG energy and love of fitness to every class! Check out her CycleCORE, Cycle & Strength, POWERride, and HIIT Chaos classes!

Bailey Hall

Bailey Hall

Bailey is AFAA Certified and Yoga Alliance certified and she is lovingly referred to as the "Barre Ninja" for her subtle yet effective method of making every muscle burn and shake! Check out Monday night and Wednesday morning barre.

Marilyn Rehmer

Marilyn Rehmer

Marilyn is AFAA and Schwinn Cycle Certified and she has the most welcoming smile and a fabulous playlist for every class! Look for her in Barre FIGHT and BarreBLAST!

Vanessa Reakes


 Vanessa Reakes is ACE certified and working toward her Yoga Alliance certification. She has a love of moving to the beat both at the barre and on the bike! Check out CycleCORE, BarreBEAT and Bootcamp!  

Tina Abrego


Tina is an endurance athlete, a certified SCW Group Exercise Instructor, and a certified Schwinn Indoor Cycling Instructor. Tina's true LOVE of cycling shows in every class - join her in CycleCORE and POWERride.

Rachel Miller


Rachel is ACE Certified and a Doctor of Physical Therapy and certified Pilates instructor - she is 'The Pilates PT.' Rachel loves promoting balance and wellness. 

Don't miss her fabulous Pilates Mix. 

Cassie Clark


 Cassie is Yoga Alliance certified. Her welcoming vibe and fun playlists make all of her classes feel so good … try her HOT yogaFLOW on Tuesdays, POWERflow on Fridays, and STRETCH! on Sundays.

Stephanie Bersh

Stephanie Bersh

Stephanie is Yoga Alliance certified and she brings her warmth and gentle touch to HOT Slow Flow on Thursdays and WARM Restorative Yoga on Fridays. Her classes will leave you feeling centered, restored and connected. 

Kristen Sheridan


 Kristen is AFAA Certified and a former professional dancer who brings her infectious enthusiasm to every class - you'll always get a high energy workout.

Check out Warm Barre on Mondays and Strength & Power on Thursdays. 

Katie Tilton


Katie is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor and she believes every workout should be empowering AND good, sweaty fun! Look for her "Intro to HG Classes" - it's the perfect class for every NEW member and anyone wanting to focus on form. Book one or both classes each month.

Kim Yessian


Kim is a former endurance athlete, AFAA Certified, Yoga Alliance certified, among numerous other certifications. 

Look for Kim to return this Summer!


Marsha Kolb


Marsha is ACE Certified, Yoga Alliance certified, among numerous other certifications. Marsha is a guest instructor who will delight you with her Yin Yoga this Spring!

Noel Terrill


Noel is a certified World of Dance U-Jam instructor and serves as a sub instructor.