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HG Cycle

Welcome to HG Cycle! We are the only cycling studio with Keiser M3i bikes that display your RPM and WATTS so that you know exactly how hard you’re working in the saddle. Cycling is non-impact - you can push the intensity! 

COMING SOON: Fit-Metrix at HG Cycle! Fun competition on real-time leaderboards, team challenges and sprints! You'll also get an end-of-class summary email with your stats!

Our classes include fun rhythm rides, power and endurance rides, and cycle-fusion classes combining strength, yoga and PiYo! At HG Cycle you get results - scorching calories and building strength - and you won’t get bored. Mix up your cycle workouts and push yourself with the feedback you get from each workout downloaded on your Keiser App. 

Our beautiful cycling studio enhances your workout because it feels like an escape. You’ll love how you feel in a dark room with a fabulous playlist and a motivational instructor. You’ll leave every cycle class energized and feeling strong!

SPD clip cycle shoes are STRONGLY recommended. You will have a better support for your entire body and a much more effective workout! Our Keiser M3i bikes are made to be clipped into. Members may store their cycle shoes at the studio in the new shoe cubbies coming soon. You will need a sweat towel and a water bottle in every cycle class – you are gonna SWEAT! In every class you work at your own level and you control the resistance on the flywheel.

Every rider MUST arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the start of every class to check-in and get set-up on your bike. First time riders MUST arrive 10 minutes prior to class start. The room is dark once class begins.

Cycle Classes


It’s a party on the bike! During this rockin’ 45-minute class, you'll move and groove totally unaware you're scorching calories! No interest in RPM or WATTS? Then this is your class where it’s all about the beat of the music. You'll leave class feeling strong, energized, and upBEAT! 

(classes are 45 minutes)

Cycle 45

This 45-minute cycling class incorporates endurance, power, speed, and strength. Your instructor will coach you on RPM and WATTS, and you may do some intervals on the bike. (classes are 45 minutes)


This 45-minute cycle class incorporates endurance, power, speed, and strength PLUS a track or two of upper body lifting with very light hand weights while on the bike. You will slow your legs for the upper body work. (classes are 45 minutes)


Do you want to push yourself and test your limits? POWERide is for you! You’ll add big gears to climb hills, you’ll sprint like you’re in a time trial, and test your core strength with a lot of up and down out of the saddle. This class is designed to be more intense and challenging – your instructor will push you out of your comfort zone. (classes are 45 and 60 minutes)

Cycle-Fusion Classes


You are all heart and all legs for approximately 30 minutes on the bike, then the shoes come off and you head to your yoga mat for a challenging  CORE workout! This is the perfect class to push the POWER, strengthen the CORE, and get a great STRETCH. 

(Classes are 45 and 60 minutes)

Cycle + Strength

This cycle-fusion class starts on the bike for approximately 30 minutes of high energy cardio scorching calories. Then riders leave their bikes for a combination of heavy weights, resistance bands, and/or mat work for upper body and core strength. 

(Classes are 45 and 60 minutes)


High Intensity Interval Training on the bike consists of 15 minutes of intense cycling, followed by 15 minutes of cardio/sculpt intervals on the bike, ending with 15 minutes of heavy hand weights for upper body strength off the bike. This class is designed to be a more challenging and intense workout. Your instructor will coach you on RPM and WATTS and push you to get out of your comfort zone. (45 minutes)

Cycle + PiYo

This cycle-fusion class starts on the bike with 30 minutes of high energy cycling scorching calories. Then the shoes come off and you head to your yoga mat for 30 minutes of PiYo - a flowing combination of Pilates and Yoga that will lengthen and strengthen and feel fantastic after cycling. You will leave feeling strong, energized, and stress-free. 

(60 minutes)

Cycle + Vinyasa

This class has the perfect balance: approximately 30 minutes of calorie scorching cardio on the bike followed by a stretchy vinyasa flow that challenges the upper body and the core on the mat. No cycling or yoga experience is necessary - ALL levels are welcome. Great workout. Great Vibe. 

(Classes are 45 and 60 minutes)

HG Cycle in Libertyville Named Mayor's Business of the Day!

Check out Heather with Mayor Terry Weppler at HG Cycle in Libertyville for the Business of the Day video!

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