Frequently asked questions

Heather's Gym and HG Cycle offer fun, effective workouts and total body exercise for busy people just like you.

Q – How do I book my classes?

You can book classes for HG Studio and HG Cycle on our website under “Book Your Classes” or through the FREE Heather’s Gym app. You will need to register/create an account for both.  

Q – How far in advance can I book my classes?

HG Premier Members can book classes out as far as they like – huge perk! Studio-only Unlimited Members may book classes out 30 days at a time. When their next autopay hits they may book the next 30 days and so on. Class-Pack Members can book all the classes in their class packs at once or over the year (all expire in one year). 

Q – What do I do if I need to cancel a booked class?

Please cancel a class as soon as you know you cannot attend. Classes must be canceled at 12 hours before the start time to avoid the $10 late cancel fee.

Q – Can I bring my child with me?

While Heather’s Gym and HG Cycle do not offer child care, you are welcome to bring your child/children with you as long as they are able to sit quietly while you attend the class. If your child/children will be watching an iPad or similar device with sound, headphones must be worn. Thank you!

Q – What should I wear and bring with me?

At HG Studio please wear or bring studio shoes. Please do not wear your studio shoes in rain or snow they will get the studio floor wet. Studio shoes are best for our classes because they are supportive for lateral movement. Running shoes cause injuries in our studio classes and they are very dirty – please do not wear them. Classes such as barre, yoga, PiYo, Willpower & Grace, and Pilates are all done barefoot. Bring a sweat towel, yoga mat and some water.

At HG Cycle, we strongly recommend cycling shoes with SPD clips because they give more support to your feet and your workout is 30% more effective when your foot is attached to the crank to turn the flywheel. The difference is astonishing! However, you may wear sneakers as our Keiser bikes have a cage with straps for sneakers. You will also need a sweat towel, a water bottle, and a yoga mat (or use one of ours for fusion classes). 

Q- If I show up right at class start time or a little after, can I still participate?

Yes, however it is very disruptive to the entire class. You need time to check-in on the iPad and gather your equipment at HG Studio or get properly set up on your bike at HG Cycle. Once class begins the instructor is conducting class and unable to answer questions. At HG Cycle, the instructor is on her bike and the lights are turned down very low, thus it is very difficult to set up your bike. For these reasons, we  encourage everyone to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of every class. We keep our prices low by not having a “front desk person’ – thus it is up to every member to check themselves into class. Thank you!