Client of the Month!

Meet our awesome September Client of the Month - Stephanie Lipp


1. Please share what you love about the HG community and what keeps you coming back for more?

HG is a community of people who are just like me. We are busy adults who are doing the very best we can to care for our families and manage our own health and well-being. The variety of classes keeps me challenged. The amazing instructors motivate and inspire me every single day. Each workout is unique and keeps my body guessing…

2. Tell us what you enjoy about HG Cycle classes?

My first ever cycle class was at HG Cycle. The concept of cycle-fusion was intimidating, but I quickly learned that the variety in “fusion” kept me from getting bored and challenged my muscles in different ways. Cycle PiYo is my favorite class. I love the combination of cardio followed by a flowing sequence to lengthen and stretch my entire body. There is a good lesson here… don’t be afraid to try something new!

3. How do you stay SO consistent taking an average of 22 classes each month? What is your secret?

My workout is a priority and the one thing that I do just for me. I schedule classes a full month in advance. I put it on my calendar and I don’t make excuses or look for a reason to cancel. Life is a series of small choices. I NEVER regret the time I spend at HG – it’s time just for me.

4. Please share your experience taking our HOT yoga classes.

I like cardio, so hot yoga was definitely an acquired taste! It took three or four classes for me to see its value as a low impact workout for my body and mind. The heat brings a sense of calm and well-being. When I leave class, my mind is somehow clearer, my body more flexible. And I feel taller! 

5. Do you have any specific fitness/wellness goals for the year ahead? What is most important to you

In the end, I want to be the best “me” that I can be. That is someone who is healthy and strong and full of energy. I see exercise as a form of self-respect – for me. It is me showing my own body a little love, with the amazing instructors at HG guiding the way…