HG Members are the best

Client of the Month!

Meet our fierce Client of the Month for May, Adrienne Fitzgerald!


1. What do you LOVE about the HG community and what keeps you coming back for more?

What an honor to be selected as the HG client of the Month! And especially the month of May. Mother’s Day! Why do I come to this gym…to be healthy for me, my kids, my hubby and my family! It is important to me to teach my children the importance of exercise and good health. It is important to me to empower them to work hard and have a strong body & mind. 

HG is such an amazing role model for young women. My daughter truly looks up to Heather and her Girl power camps have inspired my daughter in ways that you cannot teach from a book!

I LOVE the instructors, each one inspires me to work harder, be stronger and get healthier. The woman I work out with each day are amazing. I get to work out with my friends; we laugh and sweat together – what could be better?! I have made some new life -long friendships at HG and that makes me so happy and grateful for HG.

Heather she is why I come back every day. She is not only my friend but also my mentor and my confidant. She never judges and always tells me like it is, she is the reason I fight harder, I do not give up and I always push myself to do more! HG was there for me during a major transition in my life. The gym, the instructors and the woman I work out with. I am blessed to be a member at HG.

2. You are a regular in such a great mix of classes - which class formats are your favorites?

I have been told I am a cardio junky. Maybe half true. I love to get my heart rate up. Tabata pushes me and keeps me challenged, I am always waiting for the “what is next” from Kim. Circuit is so much fun, and I love that Kristin is not afraid to help me fix my form and teaches me the right way. 

PIYO…AMAZING, I love this class and Jen! Now with HOT PIYO my body is warm, and I feel so much more flexible. The flow is great and keeps you moving thru out the 45 mins.

My all-time favorite is Kettlebell on Sunday mornings with Heather. If you haven’t taken this class, you MUST. So much strength but also so much sweat. The cardio portions are so awesome. I am now swinging a 20lb bell, never thought that would happen. 

I love that the Strength and Power classes and the Kettle classes have made me strong. Not just bicep strong but my entire body. It feels amazing to have that inner strength.

3. How do you stay SO consistent taking a class almost every day? What is your secret?

I am incredibly organized and I must be with a full-time job, wife, mom to 2 amazing kids, my life is a schedule, and it works for me. I am always looking ahead, what class can I take, will it fit with what I have on my plate this week. Do I have to go at night? Can I squeeze something in at my lunch hour? I make it work because my health is a priority for me. I would rather be at the gym than shopping or reading a book. 

4. Is there a specific fitness/wellness goal you have for the future?

Continue to be e HEALTHY, be STRONG! Try new classes and explore fitness when it is available to me. I love experiencing new fitness classes.

5. You're pretty new with yoga - please share your experience with our yoga and hot classes?

HOT Yoga & PIYO are awesome!! I was nervous at first, even a little bit skeptical but after taking my first class I was hooked. I normally get “hot” very fast, I am always the first one to put the fans on. But this is a different kind of hot, inner heat building. Comes on slowly and warms your body, it feels amazing. Yoga & PiYo in general have taken me to a new level physically and mentally. I was never a Yoga lover, I was always like it will be too slow, it puts me in a different mindset. I have learned to release all my stress when the class starts, focus on movement and positions.