Client of the Month!

Meet Lynda Conway, our first Client of the Month in 2020!!


1. Please share what you love about the HG community and what keeps you coming back for more?

The HG Community pushes me to get better in every class. I appreciate the entire HG Team and the members. I am so grateful that Heather listens to all of us, always. She wants to know about our injuries, she listens to our excuses, and she celebrates our triumphs. I also love that no matter how you show up to class: tired, stressed, or pumped - the instructors and members infuse you with ENERGY that gets you going! Every time I leave a class I’m pumped (and extremely sweaty) and ready to take on my day! I keep coming back because this past year I’ve seen my body really change. I can go further and faster, I can lift heavier, and I can hold a plank longer!  I also keep coming back because there’s an accountability piece that I need. I know if I don’t come to class people will notice and call me out on it when they see me next. Most of all, I have realized that regular exercise is an emotional and mental necessity for me - it helps me to be a high performer at work, a better mom, and just a nicer human. 

2. Tell us what you enjoy about HG Cycle classes.

Oh CYCLE! I am so grateful I found this high intensity, non-impact cardio! In my twenties I was a runner but my knees started to hurt and I couldn’t stay mentally focused to push myself. Cycle was scary at first but MY GOODNESS do you feel AH-MAZING when you get off that bike! This past year I’ve watched my cardio health go from “good” to “above average.” I love seeing the numbers on the leaderboard. I’m in sales, so numbers are my thing J and those stats push me on and off the bike. I use those numbers to be sure I’m staying with the pack and not falling behind and to see if I’m improving. There are some rides that I’m just happy I showed up and the numbers are what they are and THATS OK!! Off the bike I use the numbers to set goals for my next ride: can I go further next class or push my WATTS? I’ve learned that we need to feel challenged, if we always play it safe we miss out on the feeling of accomplishment that comes AFTER the hard work. You’ll always hear me whooping it up from Bike 2!

3. What are your favorite cycle classes and why?

I love the ALL the cycle-fusion classes because I know I’m getting a full body workout. After a fusion class I’m burning calories all day. One of my favorites is cycle + strength on Saturday mornings with Lindsey: the music, the hills, the dancing on the bike, the weights. It’s the BEST WAY to start your Saturday. I also love Wednesday morning Cycle + Vinyasa at 8:30 AM – perfect combo!

4. What helps you try different class formats like barre, HIIT and hot yoga?

I love trying new classes, I know that whatever Heather puts on the schedule is designed to make me healthier and stronger. For the longest time I only ever did one format, I eventually stopped seeing results. I know the magic sauce is to keep changing it up. Sometimes it takes a few times to get it. What I love about HG is that everyone is at different fitness level and yet ALL of the instructors make sure everyone feels comfortable and they meet you right where you’re at! I’ve also learned to ask myself what I need each day. Do I need a detox with hot yoga? Do I need to slow it down with heavier weights or a muscle shaking barre class? Or do I need to get my heart pumping out of my chest?! Get out of your groove and listen to your body.

5. What are your fitness goals for 2020?

I’d like to go on 104 rides - that’s only 2x a week! Sounds easy but life, kids and conference calls happen. And while I’ve been coming for a year I’d like to be more consistent. I need to figure out a way to show up even when it seems like I can’t.  I will also continue my journey of lifting heavier and I will be able to do a solid boat pose by the end of the year. 2020 will be a year of breathing into and through the uncomfortable both in and out of the gym. Cheers to the gift of a New Year and the opportunities we’re given to grow.