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Client of the Month!

You know what they say, couples who sweat together, stay together!!

Meet the dynamic duo of Larry &  Lori Dwinell, our Client(s) of the Month for March!


1. What do you like/enjoy about the HG community and what keeps you coming back for more?

Such a great community! We enjoy working out with others who are serious about fitness and clearly this group is. Although we're not usually 5:30 am people we continue to be inspired by so many who are! Amazing that most of those early classes are always full, and many times have waitlists too. That is dedication! Also, we LOVE Heather and all the other wonderful instructors! 

2. You are a regular at HG cycle - which cycle class formats are your favorites?

Our favorite cycling format? That's a tough one. Larry's been a regular and I just recently started going to Kim's Saturday morning POWERride & Stretch. An hour of cycling seemed daunting but we both love a good challenge. It's tough but what a great way to build endurance. And our go-to class has always been Sunday mornings with Heather, Cycle & Vinyasa. It's been great to see my 6'4" husband turn into a yogi! Seriously it's good for both of us. We both have always been good about getting cardio workouts in but need to broaden our horizons and this class certainly does that. 

3. How do you stay consistent each month? Does it help exercising with your spouse?

Exercising together absolutely helps with the consistency! It's just a part of our regular weekly schedule. I would like to say we hold each other accountable but it's more of Larry holding me accountable. Knowing he's counting on me to join him helps get me out of that nice cozy bed on those cold winter mornings! 

4. Is there a specific fitness/wellness goal you have for the future?

We would both like to work on our upper body strength. Also, we're both runners and so of course want to maintain/increase speed and endurance. I would love to be able to run a strong 10 mile or half marathon this year but don't yet have a specific race in mind. 

5. Please share anything about how the last year of HG classes has changed your body/health/mindset.

I was so excited when I found out Heather was opening a cycling studio and even more excited that Larry was interested as well. We've really ended up loving everything about it. The ambience, the state-of-the-art bikes, the music, the instructors and of course all the other cyclists. There's a ton of positive energy in the room and it always inspires us to give it our all. We both finish class feeling strong, reenergized and overall pretty darn good for our age! Thank you, Heather, and thanks to all your other wonderful instructors. We're so happy to be part of this community!