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Client of the month

Meet Linda Oliverii, our September Client of the Month!

1. How has HG Cycle changed your fitness? What do you enjoy about the cycle-fusion classes?

I have never been or looked this fit in my life! (Not that I think I look SO fit, but I have noticed body shape changes!!) I never loved cardio but I’ve learned in the past year that the cardio is key. My legs are stronger, my stamina and endurance are better, I’m generally happier -- my overall fitness is stronger from doing three 30-minute cycle-fusion classes a week (every Saturday, Sunday and Monday). I mostly love that after 30 minutes we get off the bike and do the kind of exercising have always liked doing…. yoga or yoga-ish exercise. I have felt, and seen my core look leaner and stronger. Each day is a different teacher, so a different workout. I love going with friends, and I love it that the class is in the dark:) 

Maybe more important than how I feel like I look -- I feel more positive, happy and healthy. Maybe that is what keeps me consistent in going to class almost daily. 

2. How do you stay consistent taking 3-4 classes each week? Advice for others?

I have discussed this with friends and we agree that the HG app helps with consistency. Signing up on the app makes us go to the class. It gives us a schedule, and we can sign up together. I think its part my goal of wanting to do specific classes, and the fact that friends are going so I may as well go too! I’ve also definitely become more consistent as I’ve noticed body shape changes in myself. The three cycle classes along with Kristen’s Kettlebell class on Friday at 8:30; then my friends go to Barre on Tuesday, so I go too. 

3. You also take Kettlebell, Barre and Willpower & Grace - what do you like about these classes?

Kettlebell Friday 8:30 – I really love the class and I’m a little bummed that it is being changed a little in September. I know you are trying to get more Cardio in for everyone, but they should take Cycle (lol!) 

Willpower & Grace – I love Lindsey and felt coordinated in that class!  Hundreds or thousands of squats is all I remember doing! Great class but it fell off the convenient schedule times for me but luckily, I get to see Lindsey every Saturday morning for Cycle. I Shazam her playlist almost every Saturday!  

Barre – Bailey is great and pregnant, and it’s a horribly hard class, but it is a good pair up with all the cycling. I definitely also credit this class to my increasing level of fitness:)

4. What do you love about the HG community and studios and what keeps you coming back for more?

The HG Community - I have friends who go, the people are outgoing and friendly, and the caring instructors. The cycle and wine events were fun, and I was able to get to know other members. 

5. Is there a specific fitness goal you have for the future?

My Fitness Goal – the thing I constantly must come to terms with is that I have to do exercise forever. You offer enough diversity of class types to make having to exercise forever, possible.

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