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Client of the month

Meet the awesome Amy O'Neill, our May Client of the Month!

Amy, our Client of the Month for May, is a busy mom of four and a teacher. Here is Amy in her own words...

1. What are your favorite classes at HG and why?

"I had triplets in October 2016, so I needed to focus on my core before I started exercising. I started with the Diastasis Recti class with Rachel. After that, I enrolled in Cycle + Pilates, a 6-week session. I’ve also tried Barre, TRX, Kettlebell, yoga, Cycle + Vinyasa, Core Connections and CycleCORE. My favorite class is Cycle + Vinyasa! The cycling classes are tough, but the instructors make them so fun and I love the cardio and yoga combo. I recommend signing up for a combo class, it got me in the door and finally helped me make time for exercise again! And I finally got over my intimidation of the new classes and realized that everyone starts somewhere." 

2. How has HG Cycle changed your fitness? What do you like about indoor cycling?

"When I started working out at HG in January, I had not exercised for almost 3 years (unless you consider going up and down stairs with triplets exercise!)  I am now starting to feel more confident and I am feeling the positive mental health benefits from exercise. My husband practically pushes me out the door to encourage me to take care of myself. Indoor cycling is great cardio and I find it less intimidating than other classes. I love the high tempo of the class and it is straightforward. When I’m in cycling class I feel like I have Coach Heather right there encouraging me...and seriously, have you seen Heather’s legs? Oh my goodness, that’s a fitness goal right there!"

3. As a busy Mom how do you find time to get your workouts in?

"I’m really blessed with a huge network of help and support. Specifically, my husband, our nanny, Lynne Goodman, my good friend Jen Hatten, and so many other amazing people. Without them, I would not have time for myself. They are always encouraging me and helping me get to classes. I have 4 kids, a five-year-old and triplet 18-month old girls, so it’s not easy to get to class. Honestly, sometimes I feel guilty taking time for myself but it’s better for everyone when I feel good mentally and physical. I love going to the 12:15 PM classes, I teach until 12:05 at LHS, so I can make it there just in time! I usually open the app on Saturday or Sunday and I map out my fitness week. I’ve found that putting it on the family calendar has made it possible for me to prioritize my health." 

4. How has regular exercise improved your health/wellness?

"I’m a much happier and nicer person. And I have way more energy! And I can feel my legs are stronger and I can do side planks that I’ve never done before.  I also can do some other poses in yoga, like crow that are brand new to my world!"

5. Is there a specific fitness goal you have for the future?

"At this point, I’m looking forward to maintaining my new habits, especially since I’ll be going back to work full time next school year. I would like to continue to improve my strength and balance. And maybe figure out what else I can do outside now that the weather is getting warmer. I love being around strong women, and Heather and all of the HG peeps are simply the best!!" 

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