HG Members are the best

Client of the Month!

Meet our awesome July Client of the Month - DeeAnn Clausen!


1. DeeAnn, you take a class almost every day, how do you stay consistent?

It took me time to get consistent - the first year to 18 months of my membership, I was still trying to "fit it in” or I’d go to class if I felt I had the energy to go. But that changed when I started to schedule ALL my classes a month in advance – what a difference that has made!! I don't wait to decide if I "feel like it" or if it will work with my day-to-day schedule. I make it the priority in my calendar. It has become a habit or maybe even a little bit of an obsession :) My family no longer asks if I will be getting up early to workout. They know that is where I am every morning (except Sundays).  I take 5:30 AM classes almost every weekday morning - that also makes me consistent. 

2. You’re kind of a cardio junkie – what it is about the cycle classes you love?

I LOVE that they are early, intense, and focus on overall fitness and heart rate! The motivation that the HG instructors provide early in the morning is just what I need to kick-start my day and get my mind right. The cycle-fusion classes round out my workouts - I get to work on my balance, core strength, and flexibility while still doing my favorite workout. I know it sounds a little crazy, but I honestly look forward to the enormous amount of sweat during a cycle class! I love it and know that I've done the hard work for myself that I need to do. I also look forward to HOT Up the Barre on Thursdays as a complete change up to challenge myself with balance and strength.

3. What do you LOVE about the HG community and what keeps you coming back for more?

I LOVE the commitment of the members and the instructors at the very early morning classes. It has provided me a time, place and community that work so well with my life and my fitness goals. 

4. You have a birthday coming up do you have any specific fitness/wellness goals for the year ahead?

I made a commitment to myself to age well. I look around Heather's Gym and I am inspired by all the women who look like me, that have jobs and families like me, that make their fitness and their ability to age well a priority EVERYDAY! 

5. Please share your experience taking HOT Up the Barre and doing more yoga. How has changed your body/health/mindset/stress level?

I think the infrared heat has brought an additional challenge to UP the Barre class. I love the way my joints feel during the workout!!! I work out every day to manage stress as well. This is a stress reliever for me to sweat and FOCUS through UP the Barre. I LOVE IT ALL!