Client of the Month!

Meet Penny Anderson, our #hgstrong Client of the Month for February!


Please share what you love about the HG community and what keeps you coming back for more?

At HG, there is a strong sense of belonging that is so inviting. The people, instructors and members, and the vibe they create, are the draw for me, and of course, the awesome workout. There are no weird cliques, no approved wardrobes or fashion shows, NO JUDGEMENT AT ALL. Everyone is there to sweat and get stronger, and we all smell at the end. 😊 I just feel so much goodness after every workout.

Tell us what you enjoy about HG Cycle classes? The cycle-fusion classes?

I was a long-time runner. I would just head out the door and run for hours “in my zone”. This caught up to me after a few kids and some unfortunate aging, not to mention I didn’t do any other form of exercise or stretching to keep my body in balance. I’m now in my 50s, and I’ve discovered that same zone while cycling. I will admit, it didn’t happen overnight. I considered calling an ambulance during my first class to ensure I got immediate care for my lack of endurance 😊. Here I am, a year later, attending 4 cycle classes per week, and I am in the best shape in 20 years. I feel strong, mentally and physically, and I actually miss HG when my schedule prevents me from a workout. It’s an important part of my life, and my heart thanks me.

What are your favorite cycle classes and why?

In any cycle class, you can count on coaching and support, groovy music, and a room full of boundless energy. Cycle/Vinyasa is the perfect balance for me. I work hard on the bike, so a chance to stretch and lengthen and work my core with yoga afterwards is essential for the tight, inflexible genes I blame on my mother. 

Yoga was recommended to me long ago, but I never tried it because I didn’t believe in the benefits. You can’t win if you don’t play! Yoga is so healing for the body and mind, even if you are not a yogi. Ask Heather, she’s very proud of my yoga prowess (ha,ha), and she keeps me coming back with her new poses and HOT BUFF YOGA. 

Does the leaderboard push you to work harder?

The short answer is yes. I’m 5 feet tall, short legs, petite from head to toe. Therefore, as hard as I try, I’m not going to produce the same results as the 200 lb guy next to me. I admit, it took me a while to accept this (I’m told I can be a bit stubborn), but every workout is MY ride, and I don’t use the leaderboard to compare yourself to others. In fact, it does push me to work harder and stay accountable for MY ride. No matter your watts and RPM, HG makes you feel like a rock star for taking care of that big muscle, your heart! 

There are still many members who are afraid of cycle - do you have any tips for them?

OMG, get yourself there and just try it. The instructors will actually coach you, and you will feel how happy they are to see you. They are truly inspiring and knowledgeable. I would suggest starting out slow and build over time. I went full blast at my first class (remember the ambulance I wanted on hand). It’s an intense workout, but it’s important to make it unique to you, based on your body and your fitness goals! Go at your own pace, you’ll be surprised how quickly you build endurance and feel empowered!

What inspired you try the HOT classes at HG Studio?

I like to sweat to feel like I got a good workout, especially if my last meal was chips and margaritas at Casa Bonita! After incorporating yoga into my workout routine (see blurb above), I dove right in to the hot classes and never looked back. The big benefits are warming your muscles so you can lengthen and build strength more efficiently. Literally, yoga replaced my chiropractor! There’s always an ice-cold lavender towel at the end, so you will leave feeling calm, cool, and smelling like a meadow. As far as the infrared heat, it’s not an icky hot heat, really. It doesn’t feel muggy or oppressive. You will sweat, but at the same time you will feel your muscles and sore spots (and your mind) calm down very quickly. And, you can pick your level of hotness. Directly under the heat panel, between heat panels, or far away from the heat panel. There’s a spot for everyone. 

Do you have any specific fitness/wellness goals for 2020?

Honestly, I’ve never had real fitness goals (unless finishing a half marathon in under 2 hours counts). I started Heather’s Gym in November 2018, and I’m damn proud of my progress so far! My hard work has paid off. I realized that a healthy heart is not just about a healthy diet. You have to keep your body moving, especially when you turn 50 and gravity takes over! I feel different since getting into the routine of cycle and yoga classes. I’m not a new person, but rather a better, stronger, more bad ass version of ME. As I sit here and reflect, ELEVATE became my mantra in 2019, with more frequent cycling, adding yoga, and making my health and wellness a priority. 2020 is about BALANCE. I’ve always strived for work/life balance, it’s not easy. My goal this year is to BALANCE the time and effort spent on my health and wellness with everything else that happens in life. 

I love my family to death, but HG is my happy place where I focus on ME. Give it a try, you will feel empowered, loved, supported, and just GOOD.

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