Client of the Month!

Meet Nikki Schimpff, our awesome Client of the Month for November!


1. Please share what you love about the HG community and what keeps you coming back for more?

There are so many things I love about HG! I love that there is always someone who smiles at me! Literally every time I go to class someone will smile and say hello! The friendly, community vibe is so welcoming – I love that about HG. What keeps me coming back is the variety of classes and the amazing instructors. I love that the instructors are always continuing their education. I am a hair stylist who does a lot of continuing education in my profession, so I respect when others do the same. It is so important not to get in a rut, to always keep your professional knowledge cutting edge! The HG Team does exactly that. 

2. What do you enjoy about HG Cycle?

I LOVE the leaderboard at HG Cycle! I think the way the instructors coach the class using the leaderboard pushes me to work harder in class. One of my favorite classes is the cycle-vinyasa fusion class. I don’t take many yoga classes so this is a great way for me to get the benefits of yoga AFTER doing one of my favorite things – cycling! It is the perfect combination of cardio and yoga/stretch. 

3. What has helped you to try different class formats?

I now love to try new classes! Recently I tried Extreme HIIT Chaos, HOT PiYo, and the new FitFighter class with steel hoses. These classes were out of my comfort zone, but I loved them and they made my muscles sore in different ways because it was NEW. 

4. What changes have you made to your wellness that make you FEEL great?

I have never had a problem with exercise. Exercise has always been the way I relieve stress and I have always loved the way a good workout makes me feel. I have however struggled with my weight. On June 6th I saw a picture of myself and I felt very disappointed at how much weight I had put on. That day I signed up for Weight Watchers. My goal was to be down 40 pounds by my 40th birthday.  I didn’t hit that goal by my birthday but I was close – I had lost 33 pounds! I have now lost 50 pounds! Weight Watchers may not be for everyone but it has certainly worked for me. I think finding what will work for YOU and getting the support of a community that makes you feel good is the key. For me the weight loss combined with the variety of amazing workouts I am doing make me feel better than ever! HG members who don’t know my name have noticed how I look and complimented me - that’s a great feeling too!  

5. Do you have any specific fitness/wellness goals for the year ahead?

My goal for 2020 is to continue to work on my weight loss and to continue to try new classes, even if they scare me. I have always done a lot of modification in my workouts but I am now slowly trying NOT to modify everything, even if I do just a few repetitions of something, it feels really good to challenge myself to try! I know I can reach these goals in 2020 because I feel good, I have lots of support and I am enjoying myself. I am super honored to be the HG Client of the Month. I love the HG community and I am so happy to be part of it.