HG Members are the best


December Client of the Month ... All HG Members!!

In 2018, we held 2,374 classes with 33,157 visits to our studios!

It has certainly been an amazing year … more and more of you are cycling and loving it! More members are trying U-Jam, Yoga, and pushing the strength! We do our best to inspire you to mix it up and that's exactly what you've done so we celebrate YOU this month! Way to go awesome members!

We are SO thankful for our community and the energy YOU bring to our classes each week. Together we stay healthy, we de-stress, and we sure do have a lot of fun! Thank you for your dedication and your willingness to let us push you out of your comfort zone. Thank you for encouraging your friends and family to prioritize their health. Thank you for being the most amazing members and the most dynamic community we could ever wish for! Thank you for an amazing year!

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