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Heidi Weiss, Artist in Residence

Heidi Weiss received her BFA in modern dance from the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1992. Heidi choreographed and performed with Group Motion, a Philadelphia based Modern Dance Company, from 1992-96. In 1997, Heidi moved to Potsdam, Germany and founded Zen in the Basement, a modern dance company with Jennifer Mann. Their company is now called Weiss/Mann Productions. They developed the “weiss-mann” technique, and have taught and choreographed many works together throughout Europe for theaters, universities, and festivals. 

Heidi was a Professor at Palucca Schule in Dresden, Germany from 2004-07. She has been a guest artist in residence at the Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia, USA; at the Duncan Conservatory in Prague, Czech Republic; the London Contemporary School of Dance, London, England; the SEAD, Salzburg, Austria; and at Danceworx, New Delhi, India. Heidi was a guest Foreign Professor for a semester at the Nation University of Arts (K´arts) in Seoul, Korea. Heidi recently led a workshop in choreography for students at University of South Florida in Paris, France.

Heidi resides in Berlin, Germany where she teaches adult modern dance classes, contemporary dance for professional dancers, and she has been leading Group Motion workshops for the last 2 years. Heidi has been teaching dance education and improvisation to children in the Berlin school system for over 10 years. Heidi lives with her husband Sebastian, and their two sons, Lucas and Spencer. 

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Dance Workshops

Movement & Contemporary Dance Workshop - August 7 & 9

Choose ONE day or BOTH: August 7 & 9 from 10:30 AM-12:30 PM. This workshop is for dancers, Poms, and Cheer Squads (intermediate and advanced dancers). The workshop begins with simple improvisation exercises that gently warm the inner body, flow into yoga sequences that stretch, build heat and strengthen, and then dynamic movement sequences will follow. This dance workshop will be an interactive exploration of movement utilizing the basics of modern dance technique, encouraging teamwork, and building camaraderie. This workshop explores dance in a highly physical, dynamic way that will inspire participant's to be more creative in their physical expression. 

ONE day is $35 (by 7/31, $50 after) 

BOTH days is $60 (by 7/31, $75 after). 

Contemporary Dance Workshop - August 11

This workshop will focus on principles from the “weiss-mann” technique - a contemporary approach to movement. Its roots lie in modern dance, but its expression breaks out of former modern dance molds and explores dance in a highly physical, dynamic way. 

The first segment of the workshop focuses on simple improvisation exercises that gently warm the inner body, flow into yoga sequences that stretch, build heat and strengthen. This preparation enables the mind to quiet and focus, gathering energy for the dynamic movement sequences that will follow.

The warm-up integrates technical skills (footwork, plies, deep curves, adagio sequences) with the capacity to flow and move through space freely. As the class progresses, these aspects begin to soften and fuse into one. Movements that are traditionally considered "technical" become more organic, full of breath, life, and volume. "Contemporary" movements become infused with more clarity, length and control. Dancers will be encouraged to first experience their muscular energy, and then to consciously direct it into space. 

Once the body is warm and awake, phrases of movement will cycle, moving across the floor. Particular movement themes such as rhythm and musicality, quick directional and level changes, and floor work will be explored. Dancers will be challenged to take risks, to expand their boundaries and to cover more space. 

The workshop will conclude with a longer combination of movement that connects all of these elements. Dancers will be encouraged to use an uninhibited range of movement. All spatial levels will be explored, including jumps. Transitions between these levels become a main focal point. Dynamics play an important role, as well as individual expression. Soulful music motivates, inspires and supports the entire class.

Girl Power Camps in Libertyville

Week 1: Fitness & Dance Camp

Week 1: Fitness & Dance Camp with Heather and Heidi - August 6-10 from 1-4 PM Each day begins with an interactive warm-up including basic modern dance technique, improv, and lots of creativity! After dance, we work on a component of fitness: Pilates, yoga and strength emphasizing teamwork and camaraderie. A nutrition nugget is learned each day and we conclude with a yoga stretch and meditation focusing on confidence and friendship. Snack and water provided.

Single week is $220 (by 7/31, $250 after). Both weeks for $400 (by 7/31, $450 after). 

For girls ages 8-12.

Week 2: Movement & Improv Camp

Week 2: Movement & Improv Camp with Heidi - August 13-17 from 1-4 PM Each camp day starts with improvisational games allowing girls to channel their imaginations into physical expression. Girls will be challenged to learn short modern dance sequences (no dance experience needed) and they will be encouraged to create their own choreography. The girls will perform on the last day of camp for friends and family. Snack and water provided each day.

Single week is $220 (by 7/31, $250 after). Both weeks is $400 (by 7/31, $450 after).

For girls ages 8-12.

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